Fly Shop Coming Soon.

This is a unique "Fly Shop" because it is not an online shop where you select your flies and checkout with your order, rather we connect you to local and highly skilled fly tiers and link them to the specific waters you are planning to fish. The tier listed for that water is skiled in and has intiment knowledge of the patterns that work well for that river. Check out each tier's profile and contact them directly for your order. ***PLEASE NOTE*** As most of these tiers make your order once it has been placed, you will want to contact them well in advance of your trip. There is no guarantee your flies will be in stock before hand or will be available before your trip. Completion of your order will vary based on several factors including time of year, types of flies, materials being in stock ect. Please be patient with our tiers as fly tying is not their full time job. This is simply a great way to promote the local market, make some new connections and build the sport of fly fishing in Oklahoma.